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Portfolio Monitoring

Benexcel Portfolio Monitoring Plan

Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, PLLC provides asset and portfolio monitoring and securities litigation services.

Cohen Milstein monitors, at no charge, all securities investments made by its clients for potential securities fraud violations, as well as for securities settlements which its clients are eligible to share in. Cohen Milstein then notifies its clients, advising the client of the appropriate way to seek recovery of the losses incurred as a result of fraud, in addition to the deadlines for settlement claims submissions. This assists pension and benefit funds, and their trustees, in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities to their plan participants.

As part of these services, Cohen Milstein provides customized, easy to read, monthly reports. These reports are provided without charge. They:

Identify all newly-filed securities class actions;

Calculate any losses suffered and provide customized advice as to whether any action is recommended; and

Identify settlements, which serves as a backup to ensure the fund’s custodian claims all monies on your behalf.

Cohen Milstein does not charge for downloading the transactional data needed for this service, and takes care of any costs by the fund’s custodian for providing the data. Your fund’s monitoring agreement can be cancelled at any time.

Should a fund later decide to bring a case, and to retain Cohen Milstein, then it would be handled by the firm on a contingency basis and without any out-of-pocket costs to the fund.

Cohen Milstein is one of the largest class action firms in the country. The firm has over 60 attorneys and is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and Florida.

They have been described as a “class action powerhouse” by Forbes, and “a deep-pocket firm…willing to dig into their pockets and do whatever is necessary for their client.” A substantial part of the firm’s practice is devoted to monitoring the investments of Taft-Hartley pension and benefit funds for potential securities fraud claims and prosecuting class action litigation relating thereto.

Cohen Milstein has an excellent track record, having achieved successful recoveries in numerous cases. Their comprehensive resources, client centered approach, and successful track record rank high among the reasons that has been selected Cohen Milstein as a preferred provider.

For further information regarding this excellent program, please contact Benexcel, or

Carol V. Gilden, Partner, Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, PLLC

at 312-357-0370 or 312-357-0370