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Nurse Advocacy

Guardian Nurses “Lighting your way through the health care maze”

Guardian Nurses is a health care advocacy service, available to Benexcel Members at discounted pricing, that helps guarantee that patients and their families get what they need from the health care system. This service seeks to help employee groups reduce costs while improving the health care experience for its participants.

For participants and their family members, Nurse Advocates can:

  • Identify providers for all care needs, including second opinions and long-term care.
  • Explain everything the client needs to know to make the best possible decisions after a new diagnosis such as cancer.
  • Make appointments to get the client seen quickly.
  • Act as a patient’s guide and advocate during hospitalizations or nursing home stays.
  • Do the research so the patient has reliable information about treatment options.
  • Resolve problems with billing, claims, and insurance.
  • Get things the patient needs, such as health care equipment and supplies.
  • Coach the patient to address his/her concerns and help better manage his/her unique chronic health conditions.

Many health costs are incurred because the patient didn’t get the right care from the right provider at the right time. People commonly underestimate or overestimate the severity of their health issue. Decisions based on wrong assumptions often lead to higher costs and worse outcomes. With Guardian Nurses as a trusted partner, employee groups and plan administrators gain a HIPAA-compliant ally to boost employee and beneficiary health care satisfaction and contain costs.

For Employee Groups and Health Plans, Guardian Nurses can:

  • Conduct assessments to eliminate unnecessary services.
  • Drive immediate cost reductions for self-funded groups as soon as nurse-guided patient interventions begin.
  • Show a positive return on your investment. Clients have reported ROIs of up to 3:1, based directly on health care dollars saved.
  • Design and deliver customized programs to address the specific needs of your group. This could include Lunch & Learn sessions, direct interventions, or group classes on topics such as disease management, smoking cessation, or nutrition.
  • Provide consulting and analysis of available claims data to suggest interventions.

The Guardian Nurses website can be found here:

For more information, please contact the Benexcel office.