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Med Imaging and Diagnostic Testing

Benexcel’s Medical Imaging, Outpatient Diagnostic Testing, Diabetic Supplies Programs

Self-funded Benexcel Members may now take advantage of Health Care Solutions Corporation (HCSC) products and services at a discounted rate which is considerably more favorable than pricing offered to non-members.

In 1985, HCSC was formed to service the outpatient testing requirements for members of Taft Hartley health care funds. At the time, providers of outpatient testing services offered few professional service discounts to insured groups. Fees for CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, PET, DEXA scan, etc., were very expensive. These high health care costs were paid by the employer/contributor. During this same period, Medicare was engaged in a ten year medical fee reduction plan. The HCSC network of providers accepts reasonable fees as percentages of the prevailing Medicare fee schedule. The HCSC provider fee schedule is 100% transparent. Throughout the network of providers, fees are uniform as they are for the HCSC health fund subscribers.


  • The savings to the participating Health Funds are substantial.
  • Annual fee changes controlled by Medicare and not by capital opportunity.
  • Fees are percentages of Medicare and not discounts from grossly overpriced services.
  • Fees are uniform throughout the HCSC network.
  • Member health funds share identical fee schedules.

Outpatient Diagnostic Testing Program

Any self-funded Benexcel member health plan can integrate the HCSC outpatient testing program to any existing major medical health care plan. HCSC covers outpatient testing of all medical imaging and x-ray procedures, Laboratory (LabCorp of America), and some cardiac testing. Practically every primary physician will order some form of imaging procedure and/or laboratory examination


  • Potential savings of 40% or more.
  • Often the same provider of services as the “preferred insurer” but for substantially less money.
  • Simplicity of design and integration into existing health plan.
  • Paying less for identical professional services without diminishing services
  • Savings can be used to lower member deductibles or co-pay liabilities.
  • Doing nothing perpetuates lost opportunities while diminishing capital resources.
  • National access to all LabCorp of America facilities. Completely seamless integration.
  • Imaging and Cardiology available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and parts of New York.
  • Toll free member access to the HCSC network of providers. No phone mail. No phone directory.
  • Members are directed to the most convenient HCSC provider.
  • The health plan customizes their HCSC outpatient testing plan.
  • Fully electronic billing with FTP site for data sharing.
  • Disease management integration of crucial laboratory values.

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