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Disease Management

Benexcel Medical Management

Medical or disease management, a crucial element of every health plan, provides the clinical element to manage, maintain and restore the health of your members. Medical management services allow each and every member to reach their optimum health, while reducing medical costs for the plan.

After careful consideration, Benexcel has engaged Health Care Strategies (HCS) to provide medical and disease management to its participating organizations. HCS has pioneered an entirely new approach to risk identification and patient advocacy, driving down costs while raising the level of care, with programs that assist in curbing absenteeism, improving lifestyles, and creating a more educated health consumer. Additionally, through HealthReach, plans can pick and choose the programs that are most appropriate for their members.

The programs available include:

  • Care Counselor Utilization Management
  • Large Case Management
  • HealthReach
  • Pharmacy Review
  • MaterniCare
  • Medical Information Helpline

For more information contact the Benexcel office.