The Key to Excellent Benefits at a Lower Cost

Medical Plan

Benexcel, a benefits value purchasing consortium for labor and labor-friendly organizations, offers an efficient and economically competitive alternative to providing medical healthcare in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and Delaware. Our approach produces significant reductions in medical and administrative costs for program participants. Consider the following program features:

Flexibility in Plan Administration and Design

Duplicate your current plan design with little or no disruption to participants or employees.Administrative processes may be created to simulate your current operations.Optional use of designated Pharmacy and Disease Management providers.


Use of a leading national network with costs comparable or lower than currently available networks.

Significant administrative fee savings as compared to existing plans.

Pharmacy benefit savings as well with transparent pricing.


Use of a leading national panel of excellent hospitals and doctors. Participants and employees can continue to have access to the physicians and facilities they currently use.

Access to a high quality (and consequently lower cost) network will also be available.

Disease Management

Promotion of good health and detection of disease in its early stages.

You owe it yourself and to your participants to check it out. For more information contact Mike Ragan at 215-850-9501.


Through several contractual relationships with well-established and reputable health care organizations, a plan will be customized to duplicate your existing benefit structure and save your plan administrative and medical costs in doing so. Additionally, the plan will be transparent to your members or employees, causing little or no disruption with the providers they currently use. To put your plan together, the following providers will be used.

Aetna Signature Administrators

will be providing your medical network through a broad panel of excellent doctors and hospitals.

Aetna is ranked by Fortune magazine as one of the most admired health care insurers in the world. It is one of the largest and most respected health benefits companies in the Unites States, serving over 37 million people. The Aetna PPO network is a national network with over 680,000 health care professionals and over 6,000 hospitals participating.


is a Third Party Administrator responsible for processing your claims.

A self-funded program administered by Indecs will assist you in regaining control of your resources. Indecs is one of the leading third-party administrators, focusing on customer service and functioning as the administrative arm of your benefit program, allowing your Trustees’ philosophy to reach your members.

Daily claims turn-around – providing timely, efficient, and accurate payments

On-line access to claims, eligibility and administration

Preparing plan documentation with customized benefit plan design

Coordination of services provided by Aetna


will provide catastrophic Stop Loss coverage.

Specific: initiated when a claim reaches a threshold selected by your organization. From that point your policy would pay up to the life max per affected employee.

Aggregate: initiated when your total claims reach a stipulated threshold selected by your organization, typically 125% of annual estimated medical claims.


is a leading pharmacy benefit manager with the following attributes:

100% pass through pricing

Lowest net cost strategy

Full claim audit capability

A range of full provider to labor-friendly pharmacy networks

Rebate applied at point of sale

Value & clarity

Health Care Strategies

is a medical management company providing an accredited program designed to control costs through the evaluation of medical necessity, appropriateness, and effective use of health care services.

***The new BENEXCEL plan will produce significant reductions in medical and administrative costs for those labor and labor friendly groups choosing to participate in the program***